FIN-XO Securities Inc. (FIN-XO) considers it essential to ensure a high quality service is provided to all clients. That is why our clients can expect to obtain a level of professionalism and integrity from all of our employees and Investment Advisors.


At FIN-XO, we consider the complaints of our clients important and it is our responsibility to treat them properly.


If an error was made in the handling of your file; if you have any concerns or you are dissatisfied with a decision or a service; FIN-XO has established a dispute settlement process which allows you to obtain answers and equitable solutions to your concerns.

Your Trade Confirmation Notices and Monthly Statements

For questions about your trade confirmations and monthly statements, contact the Investment Advisor listed on your statements and notices. For any concerns regarding the service provided by an Investment Advisor, please contact the FIN-XO (wholly owned subsidiary of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc. (IAS)) head office, which will refer you to a branch manager. The telephone number of the head office is 514-499-1066 or 1-800-361-7465.

If the problem was not resolved, you may file a written complaint with the FIN-XO complaints officer. An acknowledgment of receipt, the name and contact information of the person handling the complaint and the processing time will be sent within five working days.


FIN-XO Securities Inc.

c/o Complaints Officer
2200 avenue McGill College, suite 350
Montreal (Quebec)H3A 3P8

Email :

After extensive review of the complaint, the person responsible for your file will send you the final decision within a maximum of 90 days. This will include a summary of your complaint, the outcome of the investigation, an explanation of the decision and the alternatives available to you.


If, however FIN-XO was not able to provide a response within 90 days, you will be informed of the delay, reason thereof and the new estimated response time.


In addition, please refer to An Investor's Guide to Making a Complaint issued by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) for reference.


Download An Investor's Guide to Making a Complaint (PDF)


If the above steps prove unsatisfactory, you can use any of the following services:


A) Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (OBSI)


The Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (OBSI) offers a free conciliation service which is independent and impartial.


Disputes can involve claims of up to $350,000. You must make your complaint in writing and email it to


For more information:

Phone: 1-888-451-4519



If you decide not to accept the recommendation of the OBSI, you can still seek redress through the IIROC arbitration process or through the courts.


B) Arbitration


You may also use the arbitration process. This is quicker and less expensive than filing a claim with a civil court. Arbitration is conducted by a neutral organization that provides the arbitrators. The arbitrators for this program have the power to grant up to $500,000 plus interest and costs. In choosing arbitration, the parties waive their right to pursue the matter in court or before any other conciliation service. Charges are applicable.


To begin the arbitration process, you must write a summary of the dispute, specifying the amount in question and details of the attempts that were made to resolve the issue. It is important to attach the relevant documents with your application.


ADR Chambers

Phone: 1-800-856-5154




Canadian Commercial Arbitration Centre

Phone: 1-800-207-0685




Notice to claimants in Quebec


In the province of Quebec, the regulatory framework for financial institutions is provided by the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF). If you are dissatisfied with the process of reviewing your complaint or the results of this review, you can request that your file be transferred to the AMF. The AMF may offer a free mediation service. Participation is voluntary and requires both the consent of the company and the client.


Autorité des marchés financiers

Toll Free: 1-877-525-0337




C) Legal Action


You may also choose to go in front of the courts. A lawyer can advise you of your legal options and recourses.